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As an employee you need to keep in mind various aspects of your organization. Besides work, there are a lot of other parameters that you need to follow and adhere to. Often the rules that govern an organization are written as well as unwritten. These rules govern the behavior of employees in the organization. These rules are primarily made to ensure that discipline and decorum is maintained. Also, these regulations get the best out of an employee. Rewards and recognition is also based on such rules. They ultimately decide the work culture and the work environment of the organization.

In the words of A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, it is important to understand the rules of the organization and align yourself with them. A proactive employee translates into a productive employee. An employee is termed as a productive employee when he utilizes his skills and experience to make a difference in the organization. A productive employee effective adds value to the organization. Productivity has a direct correlation with employee turnover. Thus employees who are not productive do not contribute much to the overall productivity of the organization. On a daily basis, the productive employees prefer executing their responsibilities by adding to the bottom line profits of the organization. A. Harrison Barnes of believes that work can be fun, and the moment you start considering your career as fun, you are already set on becoming a productive employee.

It is very important that as an employee, you are seen as the cure and not the cause for problems. You need to take the initiative to be perceived as the solution to the problems. This can be done by displaying effective problem solving skills. You need to ensure that your seniors see you as a problem solver. This in the words of A. Harrison Barnes is very important. In case there is a problem, they should look up to you to solve the problem.

There are a lot of employers who are always faced with a lot of challenges and new problems each day. The solution according to A. Harrison Barnes is to be present at the right place at the right time, which helps in attributing success to the deserving candidate. This is something that indicates being seen as the cure and thus goes back to ensuring productivity and dedication.

Nothing works better than putting your words into action, especially when it is concerned with your work. You must set about a positive example by acting as a responsible employee by fulfilling your functions and duties and being prompt in work deliveries. A. Harrison Barnes also suggests you to increase your value by being proactive and making useful suggestions to the management. With increased value, you are exposed to more and more opportunities every day and added leverage to what you can get in return. If your suggestion is intelligent, you surely will get noticed and this might help in your career advancement.

Make sure that every detail is looked into in the most meticulous manner says A. Harrison Barnes. Delays are not a good thing and often it comes in the way of productivity. Procrastination also leads to tension and stress and hence it is best to make work a challenge and not something that we have to fight with everyday. You should try and avoid any kinds of distractions. They delay your work and take the concentration out of your work.

Learn to divide larger works and projects as larger tasks are often exhaustive and lead to dalliances. Don’t get overwhelmed with the enormity of tasks as well as have an effective to do list that allows you to emphasize on the rewards so that you know what you are working to accomplish.

A positive frame of mind and not being part of office politics will also help you work well. Stay away from people who only talk negative about workplace and managers. This will surely affect your productivity by making you negative about your work. Hence, make sure you are surrounded by the right set of people who don’t hamper your work and career growth says A. Harrison Barnes.

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