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Every job seeker’s dream is to get the right job. They use every possible way to search for the perfect job. Looking for job is a very strenuous process and you need to spend hours searching through jobs that are available in the job portals, government websites, employer’s website, association websites and other places where a possible job opening is posted. The ongoing trend however is to create a job search portfolio. Today every job seeker is interested in having a career portfolio.

A career portfolio is the most useful format that helps you present yourself in a detailed way to the employer. It is a way of communication that is presented by using words, pictures and even by sound and animation. This means it is available in the form of a brochure that can be displayed either in digital or printed format. The digital format can be made by using Power Point, says A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes is the CEO and owner of His website helps job seekers succeed with their job search. This site can definitely give you results in the form of good jobs that will be very beneficial for your career. This website has the largest database of jobs, which includes jobs from employer from all over the world. They provide their clients with every possible service that is required for an individual to secure employment and take their careers a step forward. They help their clients with their resumes and cover letters, job search and applications, career portfolios and even help the candidate take the right decision.

They are also very adept at creating a career portfolio. There are so many career portfolios that have been created that now no one really knows the exact or the correct format of creating it. A. Harrison Barnes says most people believe that adding links to their resume is creating a portfolio, but this is not true. They should know that a career portfolio is not a resume with added links but it is a presentation of what you are. Here, gives you better ideas and formats that you can use to create a good and presentable career portfolio, as the recruiters working with are experts in their field.

They help you to create your career portfolio in a suitable format for it is not a resume but a presentation created with the help of words and graphic elements. A. Harrison Barnes believes that it helps you to convey your message with a high impact in the mind of the viewer. will tell you how to gather the content that is to be placed and will help you write it in the correct format and help in designing the graphics. They also ensure that it includes samples of the work that the client or the candidate is capable of and if there has been a change in your career, you can even add samples of work you have done in the past.

With the given description on career portfolios, you can very well understand the importance of it in one’s job search. You can understand what an impact it has in the mind of the viewer or the employer. The recruiters of know very well how to create the best impression. They create the portfolio in such a manner that it not only helps you in the job search but also at the time of interview. The most creative aspect of the portfolio, according to A. Harrison Barnes, is that you can even use it for work assignments or at the time of retirement planning. In such portfolios, the main content is about the suggestions related to the job improvement for the replacement of retiree. A portfolio when used in the other creative areas highlights the look of a business plan, brochure, scrapbook or a project proposal.

Thus, according to A. Harrison Barnes, a career portfolio is an illustration that is very much in demand in the present market. It is not only used for searching jobs but can also be used in many other arenas. You just need to imagine how effective you can make it to serve your purpose. It will spread its magic in every way it is used. It will open up every opportunity that you seek and will surely take care of that. You just have to learn to make the best possible use of the portfolios.

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