Sunday September 24, 2023

Paralegal Jobs – Myths about Paralegal Work

There are different kinds of legal jobs available these days. If you are interested in this kind of a job then first of all you need to join a legal school. There are various legal schools present in the country but some of them are popular and well known. It is always important to join […]

So What Does This Mean for Judge Judy?

Let’s face it, Judge Judy’s syndicated television show works because she’s so brutal with the litigants who come before her, willing to have their self respect shredded in a million pieces, regardless of whether she likes them or not or whether she declares them in the right or decides they’re dead wrong.  The premise was […]

Dismal News for Big Law

News broke in late September that as many as 17,500 legal positions – including staff attorneys an associates – could be on the chopping block in the very near future. This is due in part, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder, to a continued need to drive legal costs down across the board. […]

Laboring Jobs in Hull

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TV Judges

There’s one thing about being a freelance writer, no matter what channel the TV stays on during the day, odds are, you’re going to see a handsome or beautiful judge passing down verdicts in a fancy courtroom setting. Even with the volume muted, there’s no missing the antics via their expressions on both the litigants’ […]

Glaxo’s Woes

In an effort to settle many of the lawsuits GlaxoSmithKline, PLC is facing, it has agreed to pay more than $460 million for the now-controversial Avandia drug that was initially approved for diabetics. It was discovered that it can cause heart attacks and strokes in patients who take it. As a result, there were nearly […]

Privacy Rights or Free Speech?

For many years, lawyers have battled in courtrooms across the country regarding telemarketing laws. Public outrage led lawmakers to create a national “Do Not Call” list. Telemarketers immediately went on the defense and told judges and attorneys their rights to free speech had been trampled on. On the other side of the controversy, of course, […]

Is Workplace Bullying on the Rise?

Bullies have historically managed to remain under the radar because often, victims are hesitant about coming forward. Think back to the school yard bully in third grade. This kid was the loudest, boisterous and aggressive kid in the class, yet aside from the ocassional reprimand from the teacher, he was allowed to wreak havoc unchecked […]

So it’s Tacky; but is it Illegal?

What if you were caught texting, or “sexting” as it’s sometimes referred to these days, your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend using your employer issued BlackBerry, iPhone or computer?  Is there an expectation of privacy or do employers have a right to monitor how their electronics are being used?  A California court decided on the […]

Non Profits, Law Enforcement and the Legal System

If you had to guess, what would be your estimate of the number of registered sex offenders in this country?  100,000?  300,000?  Actually, it’s closer to 550,000.  Almost 20% of these registered sex offenders are considered “missing”.  It’s a frightening concept. This means they are not in compliance with their probation or parole restrictions. A […]