Monday December 4, 2023

Finding the Right Legal Secretary

One of the most difficult aspects for managers is finding a secretary capable of doing the job, especially when there are so many who are clearly qualified. Often, and especially in a law firm, it can come down to how well the personalities mesh, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of “Good legal […]

Holding Out for a Better Offer

Regardless of your chosen career, odds are, you’ve had to face the dilemma of accepting an offer or gambling on a better offer that may or may not come.  This is especially true in the legal field.  Young attorneys find themselves in these positions often.  Newly graduated and a license to practice opens up a […]

Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act or “HIRE”

In its latest effort to stimulate the economy and encourage employment, Congress passed the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (“HIRE” ), which President Obama signed into law on March 18, 2010. This new law provides a limited payroll tax “holiday” for employers bringing new employees on board, along with providing tax credits for those […]

Hanging Your Shingle

Many attorneys leave law school with big dreams of opening their own law firms. They have visions of making real changes in their communities and they want to practice law their way while selecting only those cases they are most passionate about. That”s all fine and good, says founder A. Harrison Barnes, but a […]

Conference Features Attorney General and top Government Officials

In early May, the Anti-Defamation League will be hosting a conference in Washington, D.C. The issues, says A. Harrison Barnes, founder, will focus on restoring civility to the American Public discourse, immigration, the Mideast policy, “cyber hate”, anti-Semitism and Iran. Lawyers from across the country are expected to attend. On Monday, May 03, 2010, […]

Importance of Communication Skills in Sales

Are you someone who wants to make a splash in sales careers? Do you like the idea of moving forward and making sure that you can have the pick of the sales jobs that you are out there? The problem is that so many of the people who are looking to get Sales Careers today […]

Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing a Gift for Your Boss

Of course we all strive to make a good impression with our boss or our superiors in the workplace. Many times this is not an easy task to accomplish. In certain situations, a nice gesture may be to present your boss with a gift. Whether it be for a holiday, birthday or other special occasion, […]

Use Office Etiquette

Make sure that you use proper office etiquette at work. Often times we don’t think about our etiquette at work, but any career counselor will tell you that proper office etiquette is crucial to making a good impression at work. Sometimes when we make a big career change it can be difficult to pick up […]

Failure of Employee Empowerment Programs

Employee empowerment sounds like a great concept when you first think about it. Of course, it’s good to give employees the ability to control their own work from day to day. Managers will have an easier time, and employees will be a lot happier. That’s why it’s such a surprise to many people when employee […]

Etiquette Mistakes at the Company Holiday Party

Everything can be going great at work. You’re doing well at your job. You are well liked by your peers and are being considered by your superiors for additional opportunities. Perhaps a career change or promotion is just around the corner. Then you get the invitation to the company holiday party, and it hits you: […]