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In early May, the Anti-Defamation League will be hosting a conference in Washington, D.C. The issues, says A. Harrison Barnes, founder, will focus on restoring civility to the American Public discourse, immigration, the Mideast policy, “cyber hate”, anti-Semitism and Iran. Lawyers from across the country are expected to attend. On Monday, May 03, 2010, Iran announced that any accucsations of its creating nuclear weapons are without a “single creditable proof”. This certainly highlights the importance of the conference.

The founder says this conference is an important annual event that allows the media, as well as policy makers, to come together with the unified purpose of directing attention to these important legal matters. It’s these broad attendees and subjects that allow real change in policy to occur. So just who are some these speakers expected to attend? Take a look:

Ambassador Edward S. Walker Jr., former Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs will speak on the U.S. Mideast Policy – what’s working and what’s not working

Daniel B. Shapiro, Senior Director for near East Africa and the National Security Council will also be speaking on the Mideast policy.

From the U.S. Department of Justice, Robert Moossy, Acting Chief for the Criminal Section Division will speak on those matters relating to Iran and its nuclear Armament.

Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary with the U.S. Department of Education will speak on the different programs for drug free schools.

Mara Liasson, National Political Correspondent for NPR will be speaking on “Tea Parties and America’s Changing Political Landscape” along with Gerald Seib, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal.

Attorney General Eric Holder will deliver a keynote address.

These are just a few of many speakers who will be in attendance, says the founder. It’s a great opportunity for law students, those lawyers who are looking for a way to make a difference and even those attorneys who have long since established themselves in the legal field. With such a broad coverage, including many legal minds and law enforcement officials who will come together in search of solutions for dealing with hate crimes, it’s clear this annual conference is a significant event and one worth attending.

Another reason this conference is so important is that it allows new law school grads the opportunity to see for themselves the many specialties that they can make a difference in. Conferences such as these have inspired many to change their minds about which area of law they thought they wanted to practice. So what does A. Harrison Barnes recommend? “Attend the conference, see which topics inspire you and then head over to and see which opportunities will allow you to run with your inspiration for real change.

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