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Practice makes a man perfect and so you can only work well if you get to do repetitive work. You can only gain interest in jobs that can ask you to do the same thing regularly. You may feel it very weird to say this but this is the truth. You will not be comfortable and will find no interest in doing jobs that are not repetitive. Organizations or firms remain at the same position as do individuals if they don’t specialize in doing a certain thing flawlessly. They face failure because they do not get “repeat work”. The value of a job can only be judged on the basis of the repetition of the work and the perfection with which it is done.

You will never be at loss by doing a repetitive work believes A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of In fact you have many advantages of doing so. A repetitive work will sharpen your skills. So if you do the same repetitive work daily then you will definitely be perfect in it someday. You all know that a consistent level of performance defines an expert. It is their monotonous work that has made them known as experts. Today they have become “experts” for they have always liked their work. Their skills are so sharpened that they do not need any more guidance they rather guide others in their work. They did the same work every day and this is why today they are at the position of guiding others feels A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes from his personal experiences can tell you that the above mentioned words are very true. In his initial days of work, he got a job of selling knives and cheap radios door to door. It was a commission based job. He used to get commission on a daily basis. But he left it only due to the fact that he felt it was not a repetitive job. The work was definitely repetitive but since the products he was selling was cheap in quality, not many would have been interested to be the customer for the second time. He understood that neither the work would give him repetitive work nor he would have the same customers. Thus he felt it be a useless job.

There are plenty of jobs out there that offer temporary or one-time-job type work, but there are very few jobs that truly offer good repeat work. When it comes to judging the ultimate value of any job, there is nothing more important than the possibility of generating repeat work.

According to A. Harrison Barnes there are many different types of jobs – both temporary and one time job, but there are only few jobs that offer the worker with a repetitive work. The value of the job is known through the repetitive nature of it.

This is the case with the Law Job. It is a job that allows the lawyers to have repetitive work daily. A. Harrison Barnes knows many lawyers who love their legal jobs for they believe that their work is very repetitive. The job of a lawyer is to argue a case, do the litigation work, prepare the papers, and the research work. These are very repetitive and knowledgeable tasks. It is so because they have different cases to handle, they get in touch with many kinds of people, they have lot of research work to do and also prepare papers and take important decisions. It is through their knowledge and experience that they get fame in their Legal Careers. There is no scope for the attorneys to feel that their law job is not a repetitive job.

A. Harrison Barnes from his experience says that it is very necessary to have a repetitive job. No matter how much money you are being paid for any other job that doesn’t repeat itself; you need to understand the value of a repetitive job. You may earn a lot at a certain period of time with the non repetitive jobs but the security you wish can only be received from a job that repeats itself.

This doesn’t mean that you have to work without getting cash. But you have to find yourself job that will allow the cash flow in along with the satisfying work. In fact all the jobs that repeat it allow cash to flow in. You will fail if you don’t have access to money. You can only have guaranteed cash throughout your life by doing a repetitive work but make sure that you are doing it with full efficiency. Then only it will give you results.

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