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Any idea what the number one reason is for resumes that never make it past a human resources department? Improper grammar is the biggest problem that plagues a resume. In fact, many companies are including grammar testing for their human resources employees to ensure they can recognize these errors when they see them and are able to eliminate these resumes before they make it to a hiring manager ‘s desk. Another significant problem is the use of computer slang – even in resumes. In a world of texting and instant messengers, too many of us allow the shortened, and improper, grammar to plague business communications.

While “wut” and “lol” may be perfectly acceptable for texting your buddy about the weekend football game, it is simply unacceptable when conversing via the written word in business letters and emails. Further, far too many of these business letters and emails contain misspelled words and wrong verb tenses. For instance, in a recent study, there were countless errors in a sampling of over two hundred business letters. Nearly 20 percent of the random letters and emails contained typographical errors and improper word usage. Most common were the use of “there” and “their”; “who” and “whom”; “its” and “it’s” and “conscience” and “conscious”.

So what is the solution? In a time when a resume is competing with sometimes hundreds more, how do you ensure yours is even going to make its way to the hiring manager’s desk? One solution is by allowing a second set of eyes to take a look at your finished product. is an excellent resource that will not only allow a more trained eye to spot these errors, but will also step up and correct them so that your resume is error free, professional and hits its mark. A. Harrison Barnes, a nationally known career coach, agrees, “Taking the extra time to ensure your resume is perfect can often mean the difference in a polite, ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter and a phone call that includes an offer of employment.”

Not only that, but, an award winning website, has thousands of jobs available that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the epitome of a one stop career solution. Founded by A. Harrison Barnes as part of his career-specific websites, this site allows Job Seekers to find positions in virtually any job sector one could think of. Engineering jobs, office jobs or even government jobs – if they exist, has them. With access to every American newspaper’s classified ads, along with sources even the bigger job sites don’t have access to; our clients know they instantly have a leg up in their job hunt.

It’s simple, really. The staff of, who are trained to ensure a resume is error free and grammatically correct, immediately revise your resume while you are free to browse the thousands jobs available right now. Rest assured, there are no dated or filled positions on the site. If they’re listed, they’ve available. What could be better?

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