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Job stability is very necessary for any employee who is working with an organization. You will have to ensure that your job is stable from the very first day of your work at any organization. This will help you move in your career with full efficiency. If you have the fear that you are not getting stability at the job you are presently at, then you will not be able to give your 100% to the work and will lack in dedication. You will live in fear that you can lose the job at any moment. You will live in the fear of unemployment which is the worst thing to happen.

Ensuring job stability is easier in the good economic times than in bad economic times believes A Harrison Barnes. You don’t have the risk of losing your job and then you will work with full efficiency and effort. This will be a boon for Your Career. Employers want the employees to work with full efficiency and dedication. If they see that they are getting excellent work from their employee then they make sure that the employee is benefited in some way or the other, either through bonus or an increase in the salary or even at times are given a promotion. Good work can never go unnoticed.

When you are at a job, remain motivated suggests A Harrison Barnes. Do not allow your concentration or the focus to break in any way. You may come across many hurdles but do not allow these things to deviate you from your path. Make sure that you don’t give them or any other person in the organization to point a finger at you. This way you can always be at a good position in the eye of your employer. You can succeed this way in your chosen task. If you require a mentor to motivate you occasionally then have one. You will be more enthusiastic about your work and will try to find better ways to perform efficiently and be happy with your work.

A Harrison Barnes advises you to never stop learning from your mistakes. Your mistakes will make you aware of the wrongs that you are doing at your work. It will help you not repeat them again in the future. You will be more efficient in your work and the employer’s will also be pleased with your performance. This will even help you sharpen your skills and gain more and more experience as you work.

Today, you all are aware of the changing economic trend; the economy is going down daily. The companies are downsizing and outsourcing and also moving to other countries in search of cheaper labor as per the news heard by A Harrison Barnes. There are many companies, in fact big firms who are either throwing the employees without reason or just laying them off. They are even cutting retirement with a decent pension, all dental and medical insurance for retirees along with social security benefits. There is a rapid increase in the unemployment rate. So you can very well understand the importance of being stable at your job.

Job stability means security for both your career and your family. On the average person it is like a burden to be unsure about the stability in your job. There are certain things that you can do to remain stable at your job even at such economic times, says A Harrison Barnes.

This is the time when you need to check your attitude. You cannot lose your job with an arrogant attitude or inefficient attitude at your work. You need to perform at this situation; you need to prove yourself as a valuable and important member of the team. You have to make your employer realize that you are an important part for the growth of the company and your presence at the company is beneficial for them. Put in extra effort if required but do prove yourself.

A Harrison Barnes suggests you to do whatever possible to become valuable to your employer. If you need to have training in a specific area then move ahead and get it. This will help you take on more responsibility and thus will place you at a Better Position before the employer. Try to initiate projects and handle them with full efficiency. You can even volunteer for work teams.

Show your interest in moving ahead with the company by doing jobs that ask for greater responsibility. Make the employer realize that you are ready to do anything for the growth of the company.

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