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Today, competition is very high to get success in one’s career and personal life. And this is why you have to prove your worth at your job every day. When at work, one of the most important things in your mind is to impress your boss in every possible way. If he is impressed with your performance, you don’t have to look back. Every individual understands the importance of a job and tries their level best to stand up to the expectations of his or her senior. But the main question is how to impress your supervisor? Is performance the only way to place yourself at a Better Position in the eyes of your boss?

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of Employment Crossing job site does not believe that carrying out your tasks with efficiency alone can help. Apart from giving in performance, you have to know about the other ways to get desired results. There are various other methods to bring advancement in your career by grabbing the attention of your superior.
Take Pleasure in Performing Your Work

This is the most important thing you are required to do. Unless you do not enjoy performing a given task, you will never be able to perform well. Lack in performance will create a negative impression about you at workplace. Working hard will bring results only if you like doing what you do. Even if you don’t like your job, try and make some conscious efforts to like it and gradually you will see the difference. Don’t forget that it is because of your job that you get a pay check that helps you keep going. Once you start valuing your job, you will like it. The efforts you put in will only be noticed if you have a smile on your face. Your positive attitude will change the way you perform the given tasks believes A. Harrison Barnes.

Have a Polite Attitude towards Your seniors

Respect and politeness are what matters at work. Employees who are very rough to talk to are not preferred by the superiors. This doesn’t mean that A. Harrison Barnes asks you to bow before the seniors but interact with them in the most polite and respectable manner. You should never forget that they are after all power holders who can change your career the way they want. Any misbehavior towards them can cause problems in your job life. There are many things you may not like about your boss, but you can convey your message in a polite way but only if it really required else just avoid it. Also, you need to be equally respectful to your colleagues as you are with your seniors. The people in charge notice every behavior of their employees, thus make sure that you are good to your coworkers too.

Don’t Limit Your Skills

You have to take a step ahead and work towards enhancing your knowledge and skills. Think about the various ways you can improve the skills you possess. If any of your plans has not worked as expected to complete an assignment, accept your fault. Realize your mistakes and find out other ways to handle the project and be successful the next time. If you require help from an experienced person in your field, go ahead and take it. But even if you have been doing well, A. Harrison Barnes suggests that there is no harm in taking a training that can help polish your strengths. This way, you can be more helpful in contributing to the success of the company’s business. The efforts will be noticed and appreciated by your superiors. They will understand that you have the willingness for learning more and more and are eager to make a progress in life. You can join an online course or week end classes to enhance exiting knowledge and learn new skills.

Take a Step Further

Prove your capabilities in every possible way. Perform more than what is expected of you. For this, you need to take the step further and provide your boss help in executing other tasks. Take up new challenges and prove that you can carry out them better than any one else. You should even contribute in important decisions that your superior takes or help him with solutions to solve a very serious issue. This will definitely impress your boss, for he will remember that you have offered help beyond your job profile.

Apart from this, A. Harrison Barnes asks you to help your coworkers at their work. This will definitely get noticed by your superiors. A person who is trying his or her level best to help the company progress can never go unnoticed. Your boss will either notice your work himself or will get to know from some other sources. This way you can create an ever lasting impression in the mind of your senior which will help you get good appraisals and also in career advancement.

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