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job lawyers are some of the most helpful professionals in the legal field. They work to defend the rights of their clients and in many ways, they help to save lives and make sure that the right people come out on top. A career as a lawyer is both intellectually and monetarily rewarding, and if you’re up for a challenge, this just might be the right career for you.

Types of Lawyers

There are several types of job lawyers including personal injury, consumer fraud, divorce, criminal defense, property insurance, life insurance, disability, workers compensation, bankruptcy, and assault to name a few. A lawyer must remain within his specialty unless he takes more courses to further his understanding and skill in a certain area. For example, a divorce lawyer cannot take on a criminal defense case, and obviously, the more skilled you are, the more business you will obtain.

Basic Job Description

Although there are a wide array of different types of lawyers, they all perform the same basic duties. When it comes to the office, lawyers are responsible for supervising office employees, discussing cases with clients, taking notes, providing legal advice, opening cases, accepting cases, setting legal fees, performing consultations, gathering evidence, initiating legal action, conducting research, interviewing clients, advising legal rights, formulating a defense, interpreting the law to individuals and businesses, as well as developing various strategies, arguments, and testimonies.


Law professionals must undergo extensive training at a four year college and then three years at a law school. After graduating from law school, job lawyers must go on to complete and successfully pass the bar exam. After successful completion of the bar exam, there is the option of becoming an employee or opening up a private practice. Approximately 26 percent of all attorneys are self-employed.

The Job Search

Because there are so many private-practice lawyers, it may be best to go to work as an employee. Getting hired as an employee will provide you with the on-the-job experience needed to obtain thorough understanding of your new career. It will also help you to become established so that when you do decide to open up your own firm, you will already have a great reputation.

When it comes to conducting the actual job search, bare in mind that there are a large number of new lawyers on the job market each year, which can make finding the perfect job a little bit of a challenge. Fortunately, job lawyers are in high demand. As long as you continue to look for work in all the right places, you should be able to obtain employment within a few months at the most.

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