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If you want to catch the eye of a legal employer, you should be armed with both a quality legal resume and a good legal cover letter. They are the most essential documents and can make a difference for you in the eye of the legal employer. If you wish to distinguish yourself from the rest, if you want to create a special identity for yourself, and above all, if you intend to leave your competitors miles behind, you must ensure that your legal resume and legal cover letter are impressive and outstanding.

They will help you create a favorable impression on the mind of your likely employer, feels A Harrison Barnes. It will ensure you that your legal resume will not reach a dustbin but will rather be kept at the employer’s desk and you will get an interview call. The employer will surely be interested, even tempted, to take your interview and try to know more about you. Creating a favorable first impression is very important for anyone who applies for the attorney’s post at a legal firm.

A Harrison Barnes is a proud owner of Legal Authority and its popular website – He has created them to help the legal job seekers get positions they desire. They provide you with every type of service that can help you find a good law job. Their services not only include law job search but also guidance and actual preparation of legal resumes and legal cover letters for their clients. They are prepared by expert legal resume consultants. They understand your requirements and then prepare your resume in the format that will best present your achievements, your experiences, your qualifications and your skills and talents. They make sure that the resume of their client is well noticed by the legal employer.

A Harrison Barnes says that you need to know some basic steps for writing a quality legal resume. Make sure that you follow all the necessary and expected steps. This will ensure success in achieving your goal. Always remember that the main aim of a resume is to introduce you to a potential legal employer. A resume includes educational and academic qualifications, personal information, experience gained till date and also honors and activities. The resume should be written and formatted in such a way that it informs the legal employer all and well about your skills and abilities that set you apart from others.

The employers hardly spend a minute to study these resumes. So ensure that your effort in creating the legal resume should be up to the mark or else it will be relegated to the rejection list. This way you will have a better chance of getting a call for an interview. If you have any special skill related to the legal field, you can design your resume accordingly. This will surely place you in a better position than your competitors.

Format of the Resume

The resume consists of three key sections – personal information, educational qualifications and employment experience. A Harrison Barnes suggests you to even add a section of your interests and honors. Make sure that the fonts used in all the sections remain same. You can use Arial or Garamond or Times New Roman for text fonts. Only use greater and bold size fonts for the names of the sections and different size of fonts for mentioning your name, current address, contact numbers and email address. You should not use more than 2-3 different sizes of fonts.

You can add plain bullets to present your educational qualifications and employment experience. Place them all in a reverse chronological order. Make sure that you maintain the order of the format throughout your legal resume.

Length of the Resume

An important rule of the resume writing is to finish it in one page. You should remember that you are not writing an essay but a legal resume. Include only the essential information. You need to stress on your accomplishments and strengths rather than filling it with nonessential information. A Harrison Barnes says that you are not allowed to use personal pronouns “I” or “My” in the resume. Avoid longer sentences; always prefer smaller ones.

Resume Appearance

The contents of your resume should be well and neatly placed, enabling the employer to understand them well. Appearance of the resume matters a lot. You may be a very qualified person, but if you are unable to convey it in a proper manner, your skills will come to nil. And yes, apply margins to make your content readable.


Make sure that your resume is printed on a professional resume paper. Use matching envelopes that will go with your legal resume and legal cover letter.

A Harrison Barnes advices you to update your resume at regular intervals because you may require it at any moment.

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