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Modern technology seems to have replaced the “good ole days” of job hunting and applying. The internet has become an invaluable source for finding jobs; supplying access to far more opportunities, companies, and locations than a local newspaper or any other print publication’s classifieds section. Hands down, it is the best place to begin your job search; but is it the best way to go about landing the actual job? It is extremely convenient, but there are many pros to applying for jobs the old-fashioned way, through a paper resume and cover letter. Firstly, it makes for a more personal and professional approach. You may have grown accustomed to the modern means of job hunting, but follow these tips to a successful job application and get yourself the job using job search tactics that employers thought had died.

A Successful Start
Whether you found the job online or in a newspaper, find out where it is located, pull out your best business attire, and stop by to pick up a paper application. Do this regardless of whether or not you already applied virtually. It’s too easy for a hiring manager to overlook your email and although sending the company one is the fastest way to get it to them, it may not be the fastest way to get a response. Never pester a place of business about employment, but do make your interest in their company known. Anyone with a computer can hop on and send an email or fill out a virtual application; but taking time out of your day to pick up an application shows initiative. This is a quality that employers appreciate and admire.

Fill Out a Job Application for Success
Never fill out a job application at the place of business. While you want to get it in as soon as possible and maybe you don’t like the thought of making multiple trips, you need to sit and think about your responses. Hiring managers have seen plenty of applications and can tell which ones were rushed through and which were well-thought out. There are a few basic rules to submitting a successful application:

Always make a photocopy of the application, just in case
Always use black or blue pen for a professional appearance
Be honest in all sections of the application; explaining any gaps in your employment history, jobs lost, or criminal pasts (if applicable)
Don’t be generic in your responses. You are a real person; remain professional, but don’t be afraid to show your quirky side
Proof read your documents thoroughly

Another important part of a successful application is a great resume and accompanying cover letter.

Successful Resumes and Cover Letters
The resume and cover letter are extremely important components of your job application. First, always type them. They should look professional and be typed on fine specialty resume paper. They should showcase exactly what you have to offer and be handed in along with your application. Once you have everything prepared, place all of your papers in a portfolio and pay the business place another visit. Sending your paperwork via snail mail with the manila folder addressed to the attention of the hiring manager is another way to get the company’s attention.

Who knows, your next visit may be for an interview.

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