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If you had to guess, what would be your estimate of the number of registered sex offenders in this country?  100,000?  300,000?  Actually, it’s closer to 550,000.  Almost 20% of these registered sex offenders are considered “missing”.  It’s a frightening concept. This means they are not in compliance with their probation or parole restrictions. A Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of says this is one issue everyone can agree on: that 20% figure is not acceptable. It’s for these reasons many communities are seeking additional funds to hire new police officers, detectives and other personnel to ensure their communities are safer. The creation of these new jobs within law enforcement is important and tax payers are willing to foot the bill. But it’s not only on the local level, says the founder.  States always seek more money for their respective budgets so that additional parole officers can be hired, too.

Megan’s Law was passed first in California and gave parents, teachers and law enforcement a powerful weapon in keeping children safe.  Searching for sex offenders anywhere in the country is only a few clicks away.  While there have been lawyers in the past who believed this was a violation of a client’s constitutional rights, for the most part, this law has been used countless times as another weapon in the war against sexual predators.

One of the weaker links, says A. Harrison Barnes, is the inability to watch paroled offenders around the clock.  Regardless of how many district attorneys, parole officers, community watch areas and police officers a community hires, it’s unrealistic to believe a person can be watched that closely.

Proponents of not only Megan’s Law, but other laws adopted that are similar to this one around the country, are working for even better and more streamlined protocols for reporting and monitoring sexual predators.  New laws are being considered in nearly every state capital in the U.S. and teams of law enforcement officials are making their suggestions as well, as in an effort to ensure we, as a collective society, protect our most vulnerable citizens – our children.

Many non-profit agencies are working jointly with some of the agencies mentioned above.  If you’ve considered changing jobs for one that you believe is more rewarding, consider the non profit sector.  Lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and others come together with a common goal.  Those who have worked with the various agencies say it was the most rewarding time of their lives.  The founder agrees, “In a world where we are watching oil poison our beautiful Gulf Coast region and children who have disappeared and believed to have been harmed on a daily basis, this is an excellent career choice for many”.

Want to learn more?  Visit Barnes’ job aggregate sites at and  It’s where the most non-profit positions can be found in one central location.

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