Saturday June 25, 2022

How Your Resume Influences Potential Employers

Your resume is by far the most important factor a potential employer considers when selecting who to interview. Even when your resume is accompanied by an impressive referral, it’s that job resume that’s going to really count at this stage. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and the man behind such sites as and, says it’s the first introduction made between you and the interviewer. Further, he says if there are one hundred resumes for one job opening, it’s going to come down to the well prepared resume that’s error free, easy to read and provides all of the initial information necessary for narrowing the pool of candidates.

Still another purpose of a job resume is that it allows the employer to verify a candidate can follow instructions. If the resume is in response to a posted vacancy, odds are, there will be a few specifics the employer wants candidates to include in their initial correspondence. If you’re asked to provide a history of what you’ve done in the past ten years, make sure you do it – even if you were still pursuing your education of raising your family. Think of your resume as the ice breaker, of sorts. The interviewer is provided insight into a job applicant’s achievements, education and job history. And too, it allows him to look at past employers to verify you can hold a job for more than six months. He’s also going to be looking for time periods that are unaccounted for. On a side note, this is where the cover letter plays a role: it allows you to provide an explanation for those three years that’s not included in the resume. Whether or not you took a few years off to further pursue your education or to start a family, that period of time will be reflected in your resume and your cover letter ties up those loose ends.

Finally, your contact information is included in your resume; which, of course, is how contact is made. Double check to be sure it’s complete and accurate. Adding both a home and cell number is standard these days; however, do not include your extension with your current employer. It’s in poor taste and will cause the potential employer to question your ethics. Be sure to add your email address and if you use one of the newer VoIP services, such as Skype, including your contact information for this is also acceptable.

A. Harrison Barnes reminds us the professional resume is as crucial to the job hunt as your appearance and answers you provide during an actual interview. You have one opportunity to get it right, so it’s important to make it count and ensure it hits its mark. Remember to include any requested information and triple check for grammatical and typographical errors. Taking these precautions will serve you well as you begin the search for your new career on Before long, you will have found that one position that allows you to make your mark in your new job.

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Grammar and the Resume

Any idea what the number one reason is for resumes that never make it past a human resources department? Improper grammar is the biggest problem that plagues a resume. In fact, many companies are including grammar testing for their human resources employees to ensure they can recognize these errors when they see them and are able to eliminate these resumes before they make it to a hiring manager ‘s desk. Another significant problem is the use of computer slang – even in resumes. In a world of texting and instant messengers, too many of us allow the shortened, and improper, grammar to plague business communications.

While “wut” and “lol” may be perfectly acceptable for texting your buddy about the weekend football game, it is simply unacceptable when conversing via the written word in business letters and emails. Further, far too many of these business letters and emails contain misspelled words and wrong verb tenses. For instance, in a recent study, there were countless errors in a sampling of over two hundred business letters. Nearly 20 percent of the random letters and emails contained typographical errors and improper word usage. Most common were the use of “there” and “their”; “who” and “whom”; “its” and “it’s” and “conscience” and “conscious”.

So what is the solution? In a time when a resume is competing with sometimes hundreds more, how do you ensure yours is even going to make its way to the hiring manager’s desk? One solution is by allowing a second set of eyes to take a look at your finished product. is an excellent resource that will not only allow a more trained eye to spot these errors, but will also step up and correct them so that your resume is error free, professional and hits its mark. A. Harrison Barnes, a nationally known career coach, agrees, “Taking the extra time to ensure your resume is perfect can often mean the difference in a polite, ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter and a phone call that includes an offer of employment.”

Not only that, but, an award winning website, has thousands of jobs available that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the epitome of a one stop career solution. Founded by A. Harrison Barnes as part of his career-specific websites, this site allows Job Seekers to find positions in virtually any job sector one could think of. Engineering jobs, office jobs or even government jobs – if they exist, has them. With access to every American newspaper’s classified ads, along with sources even the bigger job sites don’t have access to; our clients know they instantly have a leg up in their job hunt.

It’s simple, really. The staff of, who are trained to ensure a resume is error free and grammatically correct, immediately revise your resume while you are free to browse the thousands jobs available right now. Rest assured, there are no dated or filled positions on the site. If they’re listed, they’ve available. What could be better?

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Why Using a Resume Template is Never a Good Idea

Many people have a difficult time when trying to compose the ideal resume. It can become confusing when trying to determine what to add and what to leave off; what an employer is hoping to see and what might turn him off from even conducting an interview. One pet peeve among many hiring managers is the use of those overused templates found on the internet. A. Harrison Barnes, a leading career coach, says a resume should be as original as you are. “The goal is to stand apart from the competition, not blend in with the sea of matching templates down to the exact blue used for shading.” Instead, Barnes recommends teaming with a resume writing team that knows the nuances of every employment sector., founded by A. Harrison Barnes, has an incredible team of writers whose specialties include compiling resumes based on your own unique attributes, along with your experience and education – and every single word meant to tell the tale of the person it represents. After all, a resume is your first introduction to a hiring manager. It should not fall short or miss its mark.

Even if you already have a resume prepared, you can still benefit greatly in your job search by allowing the team to review it and offer a few tips and suggestions that can make a good resume really stand out. But that’s not all offers. With thousands of real-time Jobs Available at any given moment, members are afforded access to those positions that go unannounced; and in these economic times, employers simply don’t have the manpower to deal with what can sometimes be hundreds of applicants for one position. Not only that, but advertising open jobs can be expensive if a company tries to cast a wide net to as many print and electronic sources as possible. As a result, many employers don’t advertise their positions through traditional channels. Instead, they turn the A. Harrison Barnes and the team.

You’ll also have access to a database of articles that provide tips, suggestions and even the latest on the employment frontlines. Whether it’s a waitress job in Las Vegas or a financial job on Wall Street, you can be sure has it. Over 600,000 jobs – most of which go unadvertised, email alerts for those jobs you’re most qualified for or are interested in and a means to track your search history are all part of the experience. In short, you’re provided in one easy to use website what would take weeks for you to gather through company websites and going through the classified ads in your region of the country.

It’s also important to note none of A. Harrison Barnes’s suite of career websites accepts advertising. This keeps the attention where it should be: the job seeker. Pairing these two services, the resume review and the access to the job openings, you can be sure you’re in the best possible advantage to land that one position you’re sure will allow you to thrive and progress through your career.

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5 Reasons to Keep Your Resume Current

It may seem like a waste of time with the current economic and jobs outlook, but keeping your resume current has far more benefits than reasons not to. A. Harrison Barnes, the founder and CEO of both and, coaches clients on a daily basis to assume nothing. This strategy works well whether you feel secure in your current position or are beginning to feel the winds of change. With that in mind, keep reading for the top five reasons, some of which A. Harrison Barnes stresses in his career coaching efforts, to keep your resume current and at the top of the pile.

1. Unpredictability – If there’s one predictable factor in today’s current employment environment, it’s that nothing is predictable. Even freelancers are receiving unexpected emails that companies they provide services for are closing up shop effective immediately. The hard truth is sometimes even upper management is caught off-guard by a company-wide memo that says, in essence, “shut it down…game’s over”.
2. It’s easier to keep it current than updating it from time to time. Even if you haven’t changed jobs since your last resume revision, odds are, you’ve increased your skill sets. Maybe you completed non-credit courses or attended a seminar or two. It all needs to be included; remember, your resume is the first introduction potential employers are provided.
3. Just as current fashion trends change, so do accepted resume formats. Gone are the days when one had three sub-titles: objective, education and employment history. Today, it’s all about versatility and other skill sets in a far more competitive job market.
4. Keeping your resume current keeps you focused less on where you’ve been, but where you want to be. One look tells you what you feel are your strong points and what areas you don’t wish to pursue.
5. Keeping your resume updated gives you the opportunity to cull older entries out. Your job fifteen years ago or even those part-time jobs you took to offset economic pressures aren’t nearly as important as the work you now do. Further, it lets potential employers know you’re on top of the game and you’re paying attention to the details.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to consider consulting employment experts for career advice, insight to the trends of employers and other information you might not otherwise be privy to. Allow a reputable service, such as, to step in and provide a professional touch to your resume. It can go a long way in securing your dream job or help you transition into other fields such as marketing jobs or government jobs.

Even if you have no intentions of changing jobs right now, the peace of mind gives you confidence to face the uncertainty of the current job market and economic times. To be sure, things won’t be improving to any large degree in the near future. You never know when that updated resume will be the one thing that puts you over the top when you least expect it.

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Make sure that your Resume is Target Mailed

In order to have a right job first you need to make a good search, second you need to have a quality resume and then finally you need to mail your resume to a potential employer. If you can move accordingly then you will definitely get quality results for the efforts you put. You need to carefully plan everything and execute it in the best possible way.

The most important part of getting a good job, apart from job search, is having a quality resume. If you fail to produce one then you can never be able to have what you wish for. Resumes are the way through which an employer gets an insight about who you are and what your capabilities are. These questions can only be answered through the quality resume. If you have any specifications in your skills then you need to mention it in your resume. It will help you target those employers only who fit on your specifications.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, target mailing is one such service where you can target the employers according to the specific skills that you possess. Even the cover letters that are being sent or mailed with the resume needs to be a bit personalized for every employer. It is a very helpful process that you can use for getting a quality job for yourself.

Mass mailing is highly effective if done in a perfect way. A. Harrison Barnes says that you just simply need to understand the basic difference between a smartly planned targeted mailing and any mass mailing. This is the most effective way of getting the job of your choice and specializes in this. targets every quality employer regardless of the geographical location they are residing in. They mail the targeted resume along with cover letter to targeted employers. It may seem to you that it is quite a difficult job but it is not at all so. In fact it is a much easier method than you can think of. It may be a little difficult for an individual but is very easy a process for You just need to avail its services to help your task easily and conveniently executed.

The process of mailing your resume to any employer that is available in the geographical area you are interested in is very time consuming. It also is neither effective nor efficient a process as mass mailing feels A. Harrison Barnes. If you refine your job search to the limits of your specific skills then mass mailing can be a little easier and effective too. If you are listing down your specifications like your talents and skills, your capabilities, the geographical area you want to work in, the kind of company you want to work in and then look for companies that come under it, you are reducing the number of employers available to you.

This process reduces the count of employers you can approach to. If your search is completely based on what your specifications are then you will not be able to find good results early. This process asks for time from you and also has the possibility that you do not get the kind of job you are looking for.

For example A. Harrison Barnes says that if you are an attorney and are looking for working in a law company that has attorneys of your practice area, then you are limiting your employers. It is mostly believed that a lawyer interested in litigation cannot look for employers who are asking for employment lawyer. They can only approach to the employers who are looking for litigators. This will not help you in any way. You need to remember one thing that mass mailing will help you with more calls for interview and will ultimately increase your chances of getting through a job.

You should not confine your research to the firm size and to typical companies. You should have a wider approach. Target all the firms and companies and mail your resume and cover letter to them through mass mailing. This will help you get the right job for yourself which will be very effective for your career. You can take the help of by taking their services.

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Be a Productive & Valued Employee

As an employee you need to keep in mind various aspects of your organization. Besides work, there are a lot of other parameters that you need to follow and adhere to. Often the rules that govern an organization are written as well as unwritten. These rules govern the behavior of employees in the organization. These rules are primarily made to ensure that discipline and decorum is maintained. Also, these regulations get the best out of an employee. Rewards and recognition is also based on such rules. They ultimately decide the work culture and the work environment of the organization.

In the words of A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, it is important to understand the rules of the organization and align yourself with them. A proactive employee translates into a productive employee. An employee is termed as a productive employee when he utilizes his skills and experience to make a difference in the organization. A productive employee effective adds value to the organization. Productivity has a direct correlation with employee turnover. Thus employees who are not productive do not contribute much to the overall productivity of the organization. On a daily basis, the productive employees prefer executing their responsibilities by adding to the bottom line profits of the organization. A. Harrison Barnes of believes that work can be fun, and the moment you start considering your career as fun, you are already set on becoming a productive employee.

It is very important that as an employee, you are seen as the cure and not the cause for problems. You need to take the initiative to be perceived as the solution to the problems. This can be done by displaying effective problem solving skills. You need to ensure that your seniors see you as a problem solver. This in the words of A. Harrison Barnes is very important. In case there is a problem, they should look up to you to solve the problem.

There are a lot of employers who are always faced with a lot of challenges and new problems each day. The solution according to A. Harrison Barnes is to be present at the right place at the right time, which helps in attributing success to the deserving candidate. This is something that indicates being seen as the cure and thus goes back to ensuring productivity and dedication.

Nothing works better than putting your words into action, especially when it is concerned with your work. You must set about a positive example by acting as a responsible employee by fulfilling your functions and duties and being prompt in work deliveries. A. Harrison Barnes also suggests you to increase your value by being proactive and making useful suggestions to the management. With increased value, you are exposed to more and more opportunities every day and added leverage to what you can get in return. If your suggestion is intelligent, you surely will get noticed and this might help in your career advancement.

Make sure that every detail is looked into in the most meticulous manner says A. Harrison Barnes. Delays are not a good thing and often it comes in the way of productivity. Procrastination also leads to tension and stress and hence it is best to make work a challenge and not something that we have to fight with everyday. You should try and avoid any kinds of distractions. They delay your work and take the concentration out of your work.

Learn to divide larger works and projects as larger tasks are often exhaustive and lead to dalliances. Don’t get overwhelmed with the enormity of tasks as well as have an effective to do list that allows you to emphasize on the rewards so that you know what you are working to accomplish.

A positive frame of mind and not being part of office politics will also help you work well. Stay away from people who only talk negative about workplace and managers. This will surely affect your productivity by making you negative about your work. Hence, make sure you are surrounded by the right set of people who don’t hamper your work and career growth says A. Harrison Barnes.

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What would your colleagues say about you?

As you prepare for the interview for a position that you really want to get you should prepare yourself to answer any questions that may be asked of you. Interviewers for jobs are looking for specific responses when they ask you the questions that they do so be careful in how you answer them.

A perfect example of a question that you may be asked is “What would your colleagues say about you?” The answer that you provide can mean a lot to the person that is interviewing you. They are looking for specific answers and comments in the answer that will determine if you are the right person for the job. Filling this Career Position is important to the interviewer and they want to make the right decision the first time they hire for the job.

When you answer this question as well as every other question, be sure to speak with confidence. You want them to see that you are sure of your answers. If you shy away from the giving the answer or speak in a way that seems that you are unsure, no matter what you say, the impression will have been made. If you answer the question in a way that signifies that you do not believe it then they will have doubts in your statement and may think that you are not telling the truth.

This is not the first impression that you want to give them at all if you are interested in moving into this career. You want to tell them about how respected and appreciated you were in your previous position. Tell them about all of your responsibilities and if people depended on you for information or products to get their jobs done then stress on how important you were to the operations.

You need to be upbeat and positive in the interview. Do not sabotage yourself by answering any of the questions with a negative tone. If you disliked your previous boss or had difficulties working with certain people there, the interview time is not the time to discuss it. If you do, the interviewer will get the impression that you do not work well with others. If the job you are applying for requires team work, you may be looked past and the next person may get the job.

The interviewer has a list of questions that they will ask you. Each one will tell them something about you as a person and as an employee. As you answer the questions, they are judging your responses and you. If you keep your questions on the positive side and stay focused on selling your skills and abilities to the interviewer you will be fine.

Careers are flooded with qualified people Looking for Jobs" href="" target="_blank">looking for jobs. You need to ensure that your interview leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer so that you stand out from the other people that have applied. As the day ends and they sit back to review all of the interviews and make a decision, you want your name to come to the front of their mind immediately as the strongest interviewer. A good interview will lead to a Post to Twitter Tweet This Post

Why should you Love your Work and People who bring it

The most important thing that is needed to be done by every person who is working is to love the work he or she is doing and also have regard for the people who bring them the work. Doing this you will help yourself and not anyone else. You need to remember that work is the most important thing that you can have for yourself. You have to learn to love your work and then only you will be able to remain happy and satisfied with whatever you do. Make the most of what you do, in fact give your 100 percent to it. It may be possible that you are not satisfied with your Current Job. If it is so then you can give your nest job everything that it takes to perform well. You have to work with complete effort. You should always carry on and never stop. You should in fact not even slow down. The more you work the further you will move in your career.

The worse thing for a person is not getting work. If you do not get to work for a certain period of time then there are chances that it will get more and more difficult with passing time. This is why A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of, suggests that you should value your job and try to do it with full commitment even if you don’t like it that much. Remember that at the end of the month, it is the pay check that you get from Your Job that helps you sustain. Further, if you are sincere with your work your employer as well as people around you will appreciate your hard work and will give you more work to do. They will understand that you are fully committed to your work and will do it with full efficiency and thus will appreciate your effort and give you more work to do. Always remember that work attracts work.

If you pay respect to your work then in return your work will give you what you have always wanted. It will give you the happiness, the satisfaction and the relief that you get after working hard. Your love for your work will definitely pay you with success. You will be able to lead a successful life says A. Harrison Barnes from his experience.

You should consider the every day at work as an exciting day of your life. This way you will be able to enjoy the work you do. Even the people around you will be motivated by seeing the effort that you put in your work. Though there are many who will give away their work because of the exhaustion that they feel after doing the hard work but there are people who will stay back and will continue their work as you do. It will be only so because they are moved by the enthusiasm that you have for your work believes A. Harrison Barnes.

When you are at work, you have to respect it as well as the people whom you are working for. A. Harrison Barnes says that they are the ones who got you work. If they wouldn’t have been their then you wouldn’t have been employed. You wouldn’t have been getting the money by which you run your family. You would always be in the state of depression and frustration without getting to do some work. If they are happy with your performance then they will give you more tasks to perform. You will always be employed because of them. You will not have to suffer from the mental problems in life.

You should not suspect people who give you work. That is the biggest mistake made by many. You should understand that it is through work you run your family. And the person who is giving you work is actually helping you to run your family. Thus you should respect that person and not suspect.

If possible you should even at times work for free believes A. Harrison Barnes. He says so because he feels that there is no harm in helping someone by doing the work for free. And you will be able to work for others for free only if you love your work. If you work for free for few then it will do no harm to you. There are many who will even not take advantage of you ever. He can say this because he has himself experienced such thing.

You have to realize that work is everything in fact it is the most important thing in your life. Work enables you to live your life. You need to treasure it. You have to hold it forever because if you don’t have work everything will stop recommends A. Harrison Barnes.

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How to be Stable at your Job during both Good and Bad Economic Times

Job stability is very necessary for any employee who is working with an organization. You will have to ensure that your job is stable from the very first day of your work at any organization. This will help you move in your career with full efficiency. If you have the fear that you are not getting stability at the job you are presently at, then you will not be able to give your 100% to the work and will lack in dedication. You will live in fear that you can lose the job at any moment. You will live in the fear of unemployment which is the worst thing to happen.

Ensuring job stability is easier in the good economic times than in bad economic times believes A Harrison Barnes. You don’t have the risk of losing your job and then you will work with full efficiency and effort. This will be a boon for Your Career. Employers want the employees to work with full efficiency and dedication. If they see that they are getting excellent work from their employee then they make sure that the employee is benefited in some way or the other, either through bonus or an increase in the salary or even at times are given a promotion. Good work can never go unnoticed.

When you are at a job, remain motivated suggests A Harrison Barnes. Do not allow your concentration or the focus to break in any way. You may come across many hurdles but do not allow these things to deviate you from your path. Make sure that you don’t give them or any other person in the organization to point a finger at you. This way you can always be at a good position in the eye of your employer. You can succeed this way in your chosen task. If you require a mentor to motivate you occasionally then have one. You will be more enthusiastic about your work and will try to find better ways to perform efficiently and be happy with your work.

A Harrison Barnes advises you to never stop learning from your mistakes. Your mistakes will make you aware of the wrongs that you are doing at your work. It will help you not repeat them again in the future. You will be more efficient in your work and the employer’s will also be pleased with your performance. This will even help you sharpen your skills and gain more and more experience as you work.

Today, you all are aware of the changing economic trend; the economy is going down daily. The companies are downsizing and outsourcing and also moving to other countries in search of cheaper labor as per the news heard by A Harrison Barnes. There are many companies, in fact big firms who are either throwing the employees without reason or just laying them off. They are even cutting retirement with a decent pension, all dental and medical insurance for retirees along with social security benefits. There is a rapid increase in the unemployment rate. So you can very well understand the importance of being stable at your job.

Job stability means security for both your career and your family. On the average person it is like a burden to be unsure about the stability in your job. There are certain things that you can do to remain stable at your job even at such economic times, says A Harrison Barnes.

This is the time when you need to check your attitude. You cannot lose your job with an arrogant attitude or inefficient attitude at your work. You need to perform at this situation; you need to prove yourself as a valuable and important member of the team. You have to make your employer realize that you are an important part for the growth of the company and your presence at the company is beneficial for them. Put in extra effort if required but do prove yourself.

A Harrison Barnes suggests you to do whatever possible to become valuable to your employer. If you need to have training in a specific area then move ahead and get it. This will help you take on more responsibility and thus will place you at a Better Position before the employer. Try to initiate projects and handle them with full efficiency. You can even volunteer for work teams.

Show your interest in moving ahead with the company by doing jobs that ask for greater responsibility. Make the employer realize that you are ready to do anything for the growth of the company.

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Don’t Hate Repetitive Work: It Sharpens Your Skills

Practice makes a man perfect and so you can only work well if you get to do repetitive work. You can only gain interest in jobs that can ask you to do the same thing regularly. You may feel it very weird to say this but this is the truth. You will not be comfortable and will find no interest in doing jobs that are not repetitive. Organizations or firms remain at the same position as do individuals if they don’t specialize in doing a certain thing flawlessly. They face failure because they do not get “repeat work”. The value of a job can only be judged on the basis of the repetition of the work and the perfection with which it is done.

You will never be at loss by doing a repetitive work believes A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of In fact you have many advantages of doing so. A repetitive work will sharpen your skills. So if you do the same repetitive work daily then you will definitely be perfect in it someday. You all know that a consistent level of performance defines an expert. It is their monotonous work that has made them known as experts. Today they have become “experts” for they have always liked their work. Their skills are so sharpened that they do not need any more guidance they rather guide others in their work. They did the same work every day and this is why today they are at the position of guiding others feels A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes from his personal experiences can tell you that the above mentioned words are very true. In his initial days of work, he got a job of selling knives and cheap radios door to door. It was a commission based job. He used to get commission on a daily basis. But he left it only due to the fact that he felt it was not a repetitive job. The work was definitely repetitive but since the products he was selling was cheap in quality, not many would have been interested to be the customer for the second time. He understood that neither the work would give him repetitive work nor he would have the same customers. Thus he felt it be a useless job.

There are plenty of jobs out there that offer temporary or one-time-job type work, but there are very few jobs that truly offer good repeat work. When it comes to judging the ultimate value of any job, there is nothing more important than the possibility of generating repeat work.

According to A. Harrison Barnes there are many different types of jobs – both temporary and one time job, but there are only few jobs that offer the worker with a repetitive work. The value of the job is known through the repetitive nature of it.

This is the case with the Law Job. It is a job that allows the lawyers to have repetitive work daily. A. Harrison Barnes knows many lawyers who love their legal jobs for they believe that their work is very repetitive. The job of a lawyer is to argue a case, do the litigation work, prepare the papers, and the research work. These are very repetitive and knowledgeable tasks. It is so because they have different cases to handle, they get in touch with many kinds of people, they have lot of research work to do and also prepare papers and take important decisions. It is through their knowledge and experience that they get fame in their Legal Careers. There is no scope for the attorneys to feel that their law job is not a repetitive job.

A. Harrison Barnes from his experience says that it is very necessary to have a repetitive job. No matter how much money you are being paid for any other job that doesn’t repeat itself; you need to understand the value of a repetitive job. You may earn a lot at a certain period of time with the non repetitive jobs but the security you wish can only be received from a job that repeats itself.

This doesn’t mean that you have to work without getting cash. But you have to find yourself job that will allow the cash flow in along with the satisfying work. In fact all the jobs that repeat it allow cash to flow in. You will fail if you don’t have access to money. You can only have guaranteed cash throughout your life by doing a repetitive work but make sure that you are doing it with full efficiency. Then only it will give you results.

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