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A resume is the most important document you’ll present to potential managers and members of the human resources department. Depending on the industry and the position available, there may be more competition than others, so make sure your resume is a winner. Here are a few tips to consider when writing a resume for yourself.

Watch for Typos and Pay Attention to Grammar
The biggest resume killer is one ridden with errors. Making sure the resume is grammatically correct and free of typographical errors is key to presenting a professional resume.

Pay Attention to Format
While a resume template may be tempting to use, there are some elements present on those templates that do not scan. A resume that doesn’t scan isn’t going to work well for corporations using an application tracking system, and may be the reason you don’t get a call back.

Be Honest
Don’t pad your resume. Tell the truth. It’s the best way to get ahead, and it will give you a better shot at getting the job than providing false qualifications.

Highlight Accomplishments
Rather than going on about every detail of you previous daily work, highlight only what you accomplished.

Avoid Passive Voice
Writing in passive voice makes writing dull. Use active voice and plenty of nouns. It’ll keep your writing fresh and interesting.

Offer Qualifications After Contact Information
Don’t waste time getting to the good stuff. After the contact information the first thing hiring managers will see is qualifications. This way they’ll see what they really want to know before going any further.

Highlight Technical Skills
Add a section to address any technical skills you possess. Categorize them as they relate to hardware, software, and networking or other areas. Don’t forget to include any certifications you may have in these areas.

Factor in Search Engine Optimization
Scanned resumes may work their way into search engine results, so it’s important to include keywords there, to increase the chances you are found.

Organize and Customize
Organize all the information in a logical fashion to make it easy to read. Customize the resume for each job you’re applying for rather than using a generic for all. This is something the hiring managers will be able to notice and appreciate.

These days, hiring personnel see tons of resumes for a simple job opening. Since it is the first thing they see and will play a large part in determining whether or not you get the call for an interview, it is imperative to make sure the resume is effective, impressive, and most importantly, memorable.

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