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As a job seeker, your first responsibility is your resume. It has to be perfect. There is no room for errors, big nor small. Begin with keeping your resume as current as possible. The best time to look at your resume is when you are contented and relaxed. This way, you are better placed to spot inconsistencies and mistakes in your resume and correct them in a calmer frame of mind without becoming too critical or too laid back.

Think of your resume as a representation of you. Your resume is a fact sheet that could reveal how you conduct your self, apart from the professional and educational qualifications. Does your resume show you to be a careful and organized person? Or does it come across as a hastily put-together document with uneven margins and text blocks?

It is often said, God is in the details. Think of it this way, why do some people make such a fuss about details? Is it really worth all the trouble?

Job Seeker, Double Check; Double Check

Look at this piece of text:

“My name is Hester. I work from a small town called Leeways. I wake up every morning for work and cache a train to my office. Before this, I wake up at 6 a.m. and make my cup of coffee with about a teaspoon of coffee powder and some sugar. For breakfast, I like my eggs poached and with two slices of toast done really well. I work as a lathe engineer from morning 9 am to evening 5, and I am well-versed with most lathe machines…”

If you noticed, it is not just about spelling mistakes; it is also about the way the piece is written. The writer, Hester, refers to work one moment, veering to breakfast, before talking about his occupation. The result is a write-up that tends towards confusion and mixing up.

When checking for errors, no amount of effort is enough. Ask any proofreader and she/he will tell you how despite numerous checks, certain mistakes will still creep in.

However, not all mistakes will spoil the entire piece of text. There is a huge difference between being lazy or not being thorough and between the stray typographical error (or typos) that pass even the most careful eye.

Check if it Reads Well

You wouldn’t really like reading several paragraphs of text written if they were written like Hester’s paragraph above. Is there a chance you’d think this person seems to be fairly confused in whatever else he does too?

How would it be if this person, Hester, wrote a letter to you asking for your help in some matter, any kind of help? Probably you’d hesitate. Which brings us to the point of this article: Details are highly important. If your resume is not done up perfectly, it will put off a prospective employer. It will not matter whether you attended a top-rated school or worked for a very well-known business house. Compounded with a competitive job market, any carelessness on your part in creating your resume could lead you into losing opportunities.

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