Tuesday May 30, 2023

Holding Out for a Better Offer

Regardless of your chosen career, odds are, you’ve had to face the dilemma of accepting an offer or gambling on a better offer that may or may not come.  This is especially true in the legal field.  Young attorneys find themselves in these positions often.  Newly graduated and a license to practice opens up a […]

Failure of Employee Empowerment Programs

Employee empowerment sounds like a great concept when you first think about it. Of course, it’s good to give employees the ability to control their own work from day to day. Managers will have an easier time, and employees will be a lot happier. That’s why it’s such a surprise to many people when employee […]

Teams Every Organization Needs

When it comes to an organization that works well together, you will find that they have different teams that every employee can become a member of. While management may lead the teams, the most effective organizations are those that divide it into teams, which are able to lead, motivate, communicate and ensure or protect the […]