Sunday September 24, 2023

Returning to Work After a Break

Getting back into the swing of things can be very difficult to do if you have been on a vacation. Looking for work can be even more of a challenge. You may not feel up to it, but conducting a  job search is just part of the process of obtaining work after a break. For […]

How to Impress Your Boss

Today, competition is very high to get success in one’s career and personal life. And this is why you have to prove your worth at your job every day. When at work, one of the most important things in your mind is to impress your boss in every possible way. If he is impressed with […]

Grammar and the Resume

Any idea what the number one reason is for resumes that never make it past a human resources department? Improper grammar is the biggest problem that plagues a resume. In fact, many companies are including grammar testing for their human resources employees to ensure they can recognize these errors when they see them and are […]

What would your colleagues say about you?

As you prepare for the interview for a position that you really want to get you should prepare yourself to answer any questions that may be asked of you. Interviewers for jobs are looking for specific responses when they ask you the questions that they do so be careful in how you answer them. A […]

Working Towards Getting a Promotion

For the professional employee, receiving a raise or promotion in their career is often a top priority. Here are a few tips to help you reach that goal faster. Get Onboard with an “In it to Win it” Attitude Learn all there is to know about the company, your position and positions that are higher […]