Monday September 25, 2023

Significance of Checking For Details in Your Resume

As a job seeker, your first responsibility is your resume. It has to be perfect. There is no room for errors, big nor small. Begin with keeping your resume as current as possible. The best time to look at your resume is when you are contented and relaxed. This way, you are better placed to […]

Tips to Recover From Layoff

Have you been laid off from your job? Here are some tips on how to survive the layoff. We all know that right now the unemployment rate is the highest in the country for a century. However, there are a few key things you can do to survive being laid off from your job. First, […]

Returning to Work After a Break

Getting back into the swing of things can be very difficult to do if you have been on a vacation. Looking for work can be even more of a challenge. You may not feel up to it, but conducting a  job search is just part of the process of obtaining work after a break. For […]