Monday December 4, 2023

Significance of Checking For Details in Your Resume

As a job seeker, your first responsibility is your resume. It has to be perfect. There is no room for errors, big nor small. Begin with keeping your resume as current as possible. The best time to look at your resume is when you are contented and relaxed. This way, you are better placed to […]

Career Portfolios: Why should you have one?

Every job seeker’s dream is to get the right job. They use every possible way to search for the perfect job. Looking for job is a very strenuous process and you need to spend hours searching through jobs that are available in the job portals, government websites, employer’s website, association websites and other places where […]

Grammar and the Resume

Any idea what the number one reason is for resumes that never make it past a human resources department? Improper grammar is the biggest problem that plagues a resume. In fact, many companies are including grammar testing for their human resources employees to ensure they can recognize these errors when they see them and are […]

Why Using a Resume Template is Never a Good Idea

Many people have a difficult time when trying to compose the ideal resume. It can become confusing when trying to determine what to add and what to leave off; what an employer is hoping to see and what might turn him off from even conducting an interview. One pet peeve among many hiring managers is […]