Monday October 15, 2018

Job Lawyers

job lawyers are some of the most helpful professionals in the legal field. They work to defend the rights of their clients and in many ways, they help to save lives and make sure that the right people come out on top. A career as a lawyer is both intellectually and monetarily rewarding, and if […]

Legal Jobs – How to Have Success in Legal Jobs

Legal jobs and legal careers are probably one of the most dynamic and most rewarding types of jobs around. Nothing can describe the feeling that winning a case brings! It’s a feeling of triumph, of pride and above all, a sense of achievement. Every year bright eyed young hopefuls haunt the courts in the hopes […]

So What Does This Mean for Judge Judy?

Let’s face it, Judge Judy’s syndicated television show works because she’s so brutal with the litigants who come before her, willing to have their self respect shredded in a million pieces, regardless of whether she likes them or not or whether she declares them in the right or decides they’re dead wrong.  The premise was […]

Dismal News for Big Law

News broke in late September that as many as 17,500 legal positions – including staff attorneys an associates – could be on the chopping block in the very near future. This is due in part, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder, to a continued need to drive legal costs down across the board. […]

The Right Reaction to Losing a Job

What should be the right reaction to losing a job? Legal careers have been considerably affected by the recession. Well, to start with, the fundamental law of nature is that order results in disorder and vice versa. Both order and disorder are good things as they help improve our social and personal lives. It is […]

Legal Job Resume Tips

The first step in developing a legal resume is to introduce you to a potential employer. The objective of your CV should be to identify yourself personally, mention your educational background, specify your achievements and activities, academic qualification as well as work experience. The ideal resume should be crisp and exact and should be of […]