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When it comes to an organization that works well together, you will find that they have different teams that every employee can become a member of. While management may lead the teams, the most effective organizations are those that divide it into teams, which are able to lead, motivate, communicate and ensure or protect the health, safety and work environment of all employees. The best career advice you will ever get about teamwork involves having teams in place to take care of each one of these tasks, if you are the CEO or owner of the company.

If you aren’t in upper management, then a career counselor will advise you that the way to get there can be through discovering which team you are interested in and becoming an active member. Many people decide a career change is in order when they have looked at the ultimate goals of the teams that every organization needs. You can see the difference in the goals and tasks of each individual team and finding the one that suits your personality and gives you the most satisfaction.

Leadership Team:
Takes care of work projects and looks at the ultimate goal of the company, while thinking of the needs of employees. This is the team that might include those responsible for the financial success of the company, which provides job security for the employees. Those in upper management, accounting, collections and product development are included in this team and they are responsible to lead by example and implement new ideas to meet the goals. Career Advice would be that leaders need followers, in order to be successful.

Motivation Team:
Takes care that employees are motivated and looking out for the same goals of profitability of the company and the job security of co-workers, but provides a work environment that employees want to be a part of. This can include implementing new ideas that workers have to be more productive, or coming up with incentive plans to motivate them. Often, human resource and sales departments are the cheerleaders of the motivation team, with the support of upper management and the ideas of line supervisors. A Career Counselor will tell you that it is hard for the leadership team to succeed if employees aren’t motivated enough to follow them or meet expected goals.

Safety And Environmental Team And Employee Wellness Teams:
Most employees will tell you that they want a safe and happy workplace that cares about the well-being of the employee and their families. Since an employee’s personal life and accomplishments are the most important things to the employee, it is easier to motivate them if they think leadership cares about them. This is a two-way street that many leaders might ignore, but it is crucial that employees have safety committees, and that supervisors are responsible enough to protect their health and safety, while they are at work.

Culture and communication team:
These are teams that evolve on their own with everybody as a participant. A company’s culture is the beliefs, goals and work environment. Communication is important if a company is to operate with a teamwork philosophy to be financially successful. Without these teams, many in leadership may find themselves facing a career change they are unprepared for.

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