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The Importance of Keeping your Resume Ready at all Times

Maintaining an updated resume is something we tend to forget, when we are enjoying our current work and feel comfortable in our job. Of course, if you have been laid off over the past year, you realize the importance of keeping your resume ready at all times. The thing that many people forget is that you should have your resume updated at all times because you never know when the perfect opportunity will come along. Updating your resume accurately should be an ongoing process.

After been laid off from a job might seem like the perfect time to update your resume because you have extra time on your hands, but the fact is that you are probably distracted, lacking in self confidence and scared to death. This is not when you want to write the most important document to sell yourself to a potential employer. A resume is an ongoing process that should be ready at the touch of a button and many of the best jobs can come by surprise from somebody you gave your resume to in a random meeting of networking.

Most of the successful job candidates land a job using a number of proven techniques. Among these are networking opportunities and spur-of-the-moment job vacancies that demand a quick and speedy response. That means you should have your resume updated and ready at all times.

The best way to relate the importance of keeping your resume updated might be to relate selling yourself, to the way you would sell a product. If you think of your resume as your personal business card and think of yourself as a “product”, you will realize that many buyers of your “product” may not immediately purchase, but at sometime in the future, they may find they have the need to purchase. Your resume will be the key to whether they decide it is your “product” that they want.

If you have ever had a salesman call on you, talk about their great pricing, their great product and then not have a business card, price list or brochure, then you wonder why they even tried to sell you. A week from now, you might not even remember their name!

If you meet somebody that may be able to offer you the dream position you have been waiting for, and tell them how you would be perfect for the position, but it takes a week or two to get your resume updated, then you are no different than the ill-fated salesman.

Being prepared is part of business and a great job candidate. If you don’t realize the importance of selling yourself, then how can a company expect you to be an asset that will sell their company? The most important part of keeping your resume ready at all times is that you never know when the perfect opportunity will come along and you only have a small window of time to respond.

If you think of your resume as the key to your “ten minutes of fame”, you will realize the importance of keeping your resume ready at all times. Just remember the ill-fated salesman – your business card or brochure is your resume and you should be prepared to “make the sale” whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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