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Of course we all strive to make a good impression with our boss or our superiors in the workplace. Many times this is not an easy task to accomplish. In certain situations, a nice gesture may be to present your boss with a gift. Whether it be for a holiday, birthday or other special occasion, do not undertake this task haphazardly. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate gift for your boss.

You must first and foremost analyze the relationship that you have with him or her. Be honest with yourself. Is it basically a superior and employee relationship or are you sometimes included in their personal business and events? Once you have answered that question honestly and candidly, it will be easier to move to the next step in your gift giving pursuit.

It may be a good idea to now focus on the occasion for the gift giving. Is it a holiday, employment advancement, birthday or maybe just a “you’re a great boss” gift? If you are possibly considering cash as a gift, it is usually considered extremely impersonal and shows lack of thought. This more than likely is not the way you would like to be perceived by your boss. If you are ultimately perceived as thoughtless when you are trying to attempt what you believe is a nice gesture, your employment could be effected in the long run.

This is why the thought put into the gift should heavily outweigh the value of the gift in most instances. You should not expect to achieve a job promotion just due to the fact that you wrapped up your bosses favorite donuts for his birthday. It does show some thought, but it may be a little frugal to truly make a sincere impact. A tried and true gift will always be a sincere card and some flowers. Another idea may be to focus on a particular hobby that your boss may enjoy. If you have worked at your career for any length of time you usually know if a boss or a co-worker has a favorite hobby or not. If you are not sure you may want to ask someone at your job that you are close to. Whether it be golf or knitting or maybe something in between; you are bound to find a sincere, thoughtful gift that your boss will enjoy.

Here are a few pointers after you have purchased your gift. Though it may seem trivial, always remember to remove the price tag off the item. Nothing is more embarrassing to have the receiver of the gift hold the gift with the price tag still dangling from it. Also, try to give your gift in private. If you attempt to give the gift in front of a room full of co-workers it may be perceived as if you are looking for nothing but “brownie points” from your boss.

Though not the easiest task to accomplish, purchasing a gift for your boss can be done successfully. Just think it through, shop wisely and put your boss’ interest before your own and you’ll do just fine.

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