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Even though office gossip is different from office politics, they are related to each other. Office politics is executed with a purpose of gaining personal benefit, but gossip is completely a social activity at the work place. People interested in office politics often use gossip to place themselves in a position where they can control the information flowing around and earn maximum advantage from it. Office politics is the way employees interact with each other. It is mainly negative, because people manipulate situations to attain their self-seeking motives. In simple words, an individual uses inappropriate steps to move ahead in his career. His unacceptable moves create trouble for other coworkers.

A. Harrison Barnes says that work place politics is common at every office. In fact, today, office politics have become a major concern, for it is performed at the cost of the business of the team or organization. Every place comprises of some selfish people who can go to any extreme to create problem for others for their own benefit. The main concern of these individuals is not always a promotion or an increase in pay, but can be to gain a greater control or power at the work place. They may even float rumors and harm the respect of a competitor.

To execute their malicious plans successfully, the individuals include more colleagues in his or her plan. Their way of performing these deeds is so well done that others fail to point them out for any wrong doing. Office politics is unavoidable; it begins from the very first day of your work. Even if you are not a part of office politics, it will affect you in some way or the other. It might hamper your performance at work or add a roughness to your relationship with other people at work. Office politics can ruin ones career if it goes beyond limits.

Running away from office politics is no solution rather you have to take other measures to ensure secured career. Proper strategy is required to help you tackle every political situation at your work place. You have to use it in a positive manner to help advance your career, suggests A. Harrison Barnes. It is here that your actual ability is tested of handling pressure in a way that your hard work is not wasted. You have to learn the ways to survive the ongoing politics and achieve your dreams.

In case of backbiting, make sure that you speak at last. Let others say what they want and then open your mouth. Always remember that you have a choice and thus use the best option to help yourself. If you think that it is better to keep shut, do it. Speak only when required. In a few words, you have to act as an equivocator, but do not allow the person before you to understand it. You often have to face some uncontrollable issues at work. Complaining about those matters will be of no use. A. Harrison Barnes asks you not to feel angry about such situations rather act differently; but ensure that you take a thoughtful step to handle those tricky scenarios. You can take the help of your circle of influence. You have to be clear with your actions and convey them to others with effectiveness. It is very challenging but you have to win over all the uncontrollable situations and emerge as a leader. It is one of the best ways to deal with office politics.

In office politics, the best strategy is to remain neutral and take side of neither party. You just require focusing on the job given to you rather than being part of any group. If you take the side of any group, you will alienate yourself from other members of the organization. You can act as a middleman and try solving their issues, but its better to stay away from the conflicts of the groups. You might end up entangling yourself at some false position. This way you will be trusted by both the parties. This will allow you to maintain the flow of work at office and reach the objective of the organization. According to A. Harrison Barnes this is beneficial for both you and your company. Deal with office politics with confidence and do not allow it to hamper your career in any way.

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