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Have you been laid off from your job? Here are some tips on how to survive the layoff. We all know that right now the unemployment rate is the highest in the country for a century. However, there are a few key things you can do to survive being laid off from your job.

First, deal with that overwhelming feeling of, “How could this happen to me?” Well it did, and you are not alone. You have to really stay focused and maintain a strategy that will pull you through these tough times. Whether you have been at your place of employment for several years or a few weeks, panic will try to set in. Don’t let that happen.

One of the first things you can do is contact a career counselor. Find a company that does career evaluations to see if they may have a potential match for your skills. Also a career advisor can explain to you what some of the potential employers are looking for in skill sets. They will set you in the right direction so you can polish up on some of the skills that a potential new employer is seeking.

Some career centers will even offer help with upgrading and updating your proficiency in your current skills and help you become more marketable. The more skills you have, the better your chances are of finding a new employer.

Also, maintain a very controlled budget at home. You may have to cut back on some of the items you took for granted before. Going out to eat may have been a way of life, now it is a luxury again. Don’t be too concerned about the things you use to do, focus on what you need to do now.

Also, if you have any savings in a 401k, think about if you really need to draw on those funds now or should you wait? Cashing out your retirement will cost you a huge lump sum and you will not be able to replace that money so quickly.

As the Job Market starts going on the upswing you may find that the job you once had is harder to replace, so be flexible. Again, your career advisor may find you an employer with a possible job; however, you may need to modify your expectations.

Being laid off is never easy for anyone, especially now. There is hope for those who are persistent in seeking employment. Take that extra step. Rather than just applying online, go to the company and drop off your resume. You may even want to get the name of the human resources person and mail them a personal copy of your resume and a cover letter.

Now may be the time for you to polish up those outdated skills, and learn new ones. It may even be time to change your career choice altogether. A Career Advisor can tell you what is or will be high in demand in the foreseeable future. They work with many companies and have the inside knowledge of what employers are looking for.

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