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Make sure that you use proper office etiquette at work. Often times we don’t think about our etiquette at work, but any career counselor will tell you that proper office etiquette is crucial to making a good impression at work. Sometimes when we make a big career change it can be difficult to pick up on the proper etiquette of our new work place. Just use your best judgment. Make sure that you are polite to your co-workers.

If you borrow something from someone, don’t forget to return it. You need to use proper etiquette in the lunch room as well. Cover your food when it is in the microwave and if you make a mess, make sure you clean it up! All of these things will make your boss and your co-workers value your courtesy and respect.

Accept Your Mistakes

It is important that you own up to your mistakes. Remember no one is perfect, when you make a mistake you should acknowledge it right away and do what you can to correct it. It is much easier to gain the respect of your peers and your co-workers if you are willing to admit when you are wrong.

Dress Appropriately

Whether you are a teacher or a mechanic it is important that you dress appropriately. If you are a women, than you should avoid clothes that are too reveling. It is important that you stay away from miniskirts and shirts with plunging necklines. If you have to wear a uniform to work then you should make sure that it is clean and pressed every day. Always keep in mind that you should dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have!

Avoid Calling in Sick

If you have ever spoken with a career counselor then you know that calling off sick can be detrimental to your career. Of course there are times when you really are too sick to work, but if you call off sick excessively then you may be looking at a career change sooner than you expected! Only call in sick when you are extremely ill. If you just have a little cough or a headache, then you should take some medicine and head into work. Your boss as well as your co-workers will appreciate your dedication.

Topics to Avoid Discussing

Whether you have made a recent career change or your have been working in your office for a number of years, there are some topics that should be avoided in the work place. These include things like sex drugs and politics. There is a time and a place for everything and work is definitely not the place to discuss these topics. You would also be wise to avoid talking about anything that would make your company look bad. Don’t gossip about your boss or your co-workers.

Manage Your Time Effectively

This is some of the best career advice out there. Companies love employees who are good at time management. Don’t spend too much time on a small project. You should also avoid making personal phone calls and checking personal e-mail on company time. Not only will these things make you look bad to your boss and your co-workers, but they can also get you fired!

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