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Many people have a difficult time when trying to compose the ideal resume. It can become confusing when trying to determine what to add and what to leave off; what an employer is hoping to see and what might turn him off from even conducting an interview. One pet peeve among many hiring managers is the use of those overused templates found on the internet. A. Harrison Barnes, a leading career coach, says a resume should be as original as you are. “The goal is to stand apart from the competition, not blend in with the sea of matching templates down to the exact blue used for shading.” Instead, Barnes recommends teaming with a resume writing team that knows the nuances of every employment sector., founded by A. Harrison Barnes, has an incredible team of writers whose specialties include compiling resumes based on your own unique attributes, along with your experience and education – and every single word meant to tell the tale of the person it represents. After all, a resume is your first introduction to a hiring manager. It should not fall short or miss its mark.

Even if you already have a resume prepared, you can still benefit greatly in your job search" href="">job search by allowing the team to review it and offer a few tips and suggestions that can make a good resume really stand out. But that’s not all offers. With thousands of real-time job openings, you can be sure you’re in the best possible advantage to land that one position you’re sure will allow you to thrive and progress through your career.

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