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For the professional employee, receiving a raise or promotion in their career is often a top priority. Here are a few tips to help you reach that goal faster.

Get Onboard with an “In it to Win it” Attitude
Learn all there is to know about the company, your position and positions that are higher than yours. Learn the ropes quickly, but never act as if you know everything. Be open to learning whatever is being taught to you. It will all benefit your career later on.

Improve Yourself

The skills you have now may have gotten you the job, but they won’t get you a raise or promotion. As your company grows, so should you. If possible, take courses that relate to your career, acquire new skills and stay on top of changes in the company or field.
Show Interest in the Open Position

Don’t simply sit back and hope your boss chooses to promote you. Make your interest in open position apparent by asking questions about it and the qualifications required.

Show Initiative

Leadership skills as well as an ability to take directions are especially important in higher level career positions. Attempt to handle situations on your own before asking your boss for help. Volunteer to take on tasks, even if you aren’t fully knowledgeable. Take the opportunity to show your employer you are easily trained and fully capable.

Be a Friend
Be personable, attitude goes a very long way. Being friendly to everyone in your workplace gives you a great advantage. Shooting down coworker’s ideas, displaying jealousy of their positions or skills and participating in gossip will only knock you off the career ladder, not help you climb it. Being cordial and helpful will get you noticed and can also display leadership skills while building good relationships with coworkers. This will make for an easier transition from fellow coworker to boss, when you get a promotion. They’ll want to listen to and help you because you are likable. Focus on making yourself look good as opposed to making others look bad.

Be in Good Standing

Determine your chances of getting a promotion at your job by evaluating your job performance. Most places of employment give annual, if not more frequent, performance reports. Most importantly, ask yourself how you feel you measure up to company standards for your position. Chances are, if you feel as though there are areas you can improve in, you’re right. Focus on being better in your current position every day.

Create a Position

Promotions result when there is a need to fill a position. Without an open position, there is no advancement. If you can make a good case and show your company that there is a need for a specific area to be filled, explain how the creation of the position would benefit the company, and finally, let it be known that you are just the individual to handle the position, you could create a position to be promoted to. Explain how your skills and experience would help you to provide superb service in the position, were it created. Your boss will see that you are dedicated to the well being and growth of the company and appreciate it. They’ll also see your leadership and creativeness shine!.

Remember that attitude, ambition and how much you give to your career and company is what will help you get a promotion. Good luck in your professional endeavors!

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